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Open and Closed In-Home Cases

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Investigations of Abuse and Neglect for Children Served in Their Homes

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Newly Closed Cases for Children and Families Served in their Homes


The number of cases with the In-Home Administration that were closed and will no longer receive ongoing services from the child welfare agency.

How This Is Measured

All cases that have been closed during the specified time period. Reasons for case closure include (and may not be mutually exclusive):

  • Child welfare services not needed: the family has successfully addressed the issues of abuse and/or neglect that brought them to the attention of the agency. The parents are meeting their children’s needs and acting in a protective capacity. Any other supportive services that are needed can be provided from other governmental or community-based agencies. Or, child welfare services are no longer needed due to a person other than the maltreater being awarded legal custody of the child.
  • Other (client’s failure to cooperate, client’s request, death): in the event of the only minor child in the home experiencing a fatality, the case would be closed due to no minor child needing protection. Client failure to cooperate may be used when the family refuses to engage with the in-home team, and the legal team at CFSA has determined that there is not enough legal sufficiency to pursue court involvement of the in-home case and therefore the case is closed.
  • Moved out of state: If the family moves to another jurisdiction, the case would be closed due to the family no longer being under the jurisdiction of D.C. If this occurs and there are ongoing concerns regarding safety or risk of abuse and neglect, the social worker would call the abuse and neglect Hotline in the receiving jurisdiction to share information about the family.
  • Services to be given by others: Services will be provided by another entity
  • Court action: This may be when an in-home case with court involvement is transferred out of jurisdiction due to the family moving to another jurisdiction or may be the result of a person other than the maltreater being awarded legal custody of the child.
  • Cannot locate: If the social worker has not been able to locate the family for an extensive period of time and therefore cannot provide services to the family, the case will be closed. Extensive efforts would be made to identify the family’s whereabouts, to include checking to see if they are receiving benefits at an updated address, if the children are enrolled in any D.C. schools, and completing a diligent search (which has access to many databases with known contact information for the person and any known relatives).

The length of time the case had been open is also tracked.

Why This Matters

CFSA values building the self-sufficiency of families and staying involved in the lives of families for only as long as necessary to mitigate concerns of abuse and/or neglect. CFSA connects families to services in the community that can continue to provide supportive services after the in-home case has closed.