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Total Children and Families Served in Their Homes

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CFSA aims to prevent the abuse and neglect of children in the District of Columbia. To meet this goal, CFSA serves children and families in their own home, and when necessary, by removing a child for placement in foster care.


The total number of children and families served by CFSA in their home.

How This Is Measured

The number of children and families served during the time period reported in their home of origin. The first dashboard shows the cumulative total number of children and families served throughout the month. Specifically, it shows the total number of children served throughout the month or all of the children who are still in being served in their home as of the last day of the month and any children who had an in-home case closed prior to the end of the month (with an open case for at least one day). Filters at the bottom allow for display of only certain years, quarters, or months. The second dashboard shows the point in time population of children and families receiving services as of the last day of the month and compares the same month from three consecutive years. The view defaults to the last month in the most recently completed quarter, and by using the filter at the top left the viewer can change to select any month in the year.

Why This Matters

Tracking this information allows CFSA to understand its full population served. This information helps CFSA to better understand the needs of the agency, such as the types and number of needed services.