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Temporary Safe Haven

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CFSA prioritizes keeping children safe with their family of origin. However, children may enter foster care when children are unable to remain safely in their home due to an imminent safety risk, or as the result of parents or other relatives being unable to provide care. Foster care is intended to be a Temporary Safe Haven to provide an interim place for children to live while CFSA works to get them back to a permanent home as quickly as possible. Planning for permanency begins as soon as a child enters the system. 

Children Entering or Re-Entering Foster Care in the Fiscal Year

This section reviews information on the number of children entering (or re-entering) foster care, including information on the demographics of children.

Demographics of Children in Foster Care

This section reviews the demographics of children experiencing foster care throughout the Fiscal Year, including those who may have entered prior to the start of the Fiscal Year.

Placement of Children in Foster Care

This section reviews the placement types of children in foster care throughout the Fiscal Year.