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Front Door

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Front Door

The Front Door is a term CFSA uses to indicate families that are known to CFSA through a call to the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline and/or through an open in-home case. CFSA’s goal is to safely narrow the Front Door, i.e. prevent entry of children into foster care. Children deserve to grow up with their families and should be removed only as the last resort. When CFSA must remove a child for safety, the Agency seeks to place with relatives first.

Reports to CFSA of Suspected Abuse or Neglect

This section reviews reports received by CFSA regarding abuse and neglect, along with the result of the reports.

Investigations of Abuse or Neglect

This section reviews information regarding calls that are accepted for investigation by the Child Protective Services (CPS) unit. Information regarding substantiation of abuse and neglect are included.

Special Investigation Types

This section covers special investigation types such as tracking of positive toxicology of newborns in accordance with the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), and reports of educational neglect of children living in the District.

Demographics of Children Served in Their Home

This section reviews information on the number of children served in their homes of origin, including their demographics, during the Fiscal Year. Information can be viewed by race/ethnicity, gender and age group.

Open and Closed In-Home Cases

This section reviews information regarding newly opened cases for children served in their own homes, including the reasons for cases being opened (such as maltreatment type), as well as closed cases over time and the reasons for case closures.